Luxury Closure Artisan

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Elegance, quality and style are the soul of Carat

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Our range of custom closures bringing together the versatility of plastic and the luxury feel of metal

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Our wide artisan know-how nourished by dedicated technologies generates iconic closures

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We hunt around the world the best wood essences to offer the luxurious wood closures solutions

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Modern and appealing. A timeless collection which reinvents the world of closures, following the latest trends of design.

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Unrivalled dedication that reflects magnificent beauty.

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Passion is the soul of Luxury. The artisan dedicates themselves to the pursuit of perfection and their insatiable passion to create handmade treasures.

A natural emphasis on the finest details draw an appreciation to transformative materials and foster an exquisite, bespoke experience.

In his world of excellence, each piece has textures that crave touch, colours that draw the eye, and an unforgettable feeling that creates a sense of being privileged. Impeccable closures that evoke desire herald a new frontier of memories, pleasure, and elegance.

Trends may come and go, but treasured masterpieces are forever.